Natural Beauty by Ella Dean

Natural Beauty by Ella Dean

Ella Dean is one of the happiest and most energetic girls out there making natural beauty and cleaning products, it’s one of those things you can just feel by reading this post or see how she is so passionate about her products when she talks about them.
What a refreshing interview (she literally colored her responses). Who wouldn’t want to use products from someone who always works with lit candles and music in the background?

Tell us a little bit about your background/story of Ella Dean.
I was born in a small town in Wisconsin with two older sisters & a younger brother. Our family loved doing outdoor things, such as going camping, waterskiing, making snowmen & snow skiing.
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
There were a few things I dreamed about doing... I had a higher voice than normal as a child & other children use to make fun of me. My mom told me that I had a cute, unique voice & that it was a gift. From that day on I decided I would love to do cartoon voices. I also loved playing outside & making mud facials topped with flowers from our garden. I would convince my sisters & mom to try out my organic creations. I guess that carried into what I love making today...unique, natural creations & yes I still have a high voice :).

What inspired you to create Ella Dean?

I started making lip balm about six years ago, because I was addicted to it. I had to have one in my pocket or on my nightstand available for me at any moment. I turned my addiction into my passion & that's when I realized something was missing with all natural lip balm...the fun. I had always been fascinated with different cultures from traveling & that's when it hit me, I should put inspiring women (and animals) on my labels that I have met throughout my journey. I soon started to make my own mosquito repellents, cleaning sprays, silky perfume oils, body mists, bath salt soaks, body powders, solid perfumes & sugar scrubs. The rest is still unwritten (which makes it really exciting)...

Who are the top 3 people that influence you the most?

My husband Jeff...he is a huge supporter of mine & he has been my very patient guinea pig throughout the years. He's basically tried every flavor I have created, even when I came up with a ketchup lip balm (yeah, that was a Limited Edition).

My dad...I can tell him anything & he has a heart of gold. I'm very lucky to have a dad like him.

I know it said people, but the third two dogs & my bunny. They calm me & they simply just crack me up throughout the day. My dogs are goofballs & my bunny thinks he's a dog, which makes him a goofball too. They have influenced many of my products actually, especially my bunny & what he loves to eat.

If you could live in any place of the world, where would it be?

Maine, I find it so beautiful & it makes me happy.

Describe a typical day in your life.
I get up, do some yoga, pet & feed my bunny his morning breakfast, feed & play with my dogs a bit, eat breakfast, wash up & then get to work. I normally see what flavors of lip conditioners I have orders for & get those started & then I start making all the other body products on the orders. If I have some custom work, such as personalized labels for companies or weddings, I will make the labels on my computer. Oh & I always have some music playing in the background with lit candles. It keeps me motivated.

If you had to choose...bread or chocolate? other addiction. It truly makes my soul happy :).
What's the biggest lesson you learned while making/building your product?

That you can never quit, doors will shut, but others will open. If it is truly your passion, stay with it & things will happen! Oh & that I love putting scents together that you wouldn't normally think would go together like...Pickles & Roses & Peanut Butter & Cantaloupe.

What's a natural/non-toxic product you could never live without?
Lavender Essential Oil...I use it for everything & the scent of it is so calming.

If there is one thing/thought/idea that you could pass on to the next generation, what would it be? If there is one thing/thought/idea that you could pass on to the next generation, what would it be?
It would be that 'being different is truly beautiful' & to embrace your differences because that's what makes you..You!

What is your greatest motivation in life?
Just to be happy & to make others in my life happy. I also love helping women embrace what makes them beautiful through my labels. I'm also motivated by animals & donating a portion of my profits to animal charities.
Ella is an inspiration to live a happy life, and I hope you enjoy it!



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