Marula Oil and its Benefits

Marula Oil and its Benefits

Secrets this good weren’t meant to kept.  Southern Africa’s number one, fair trade beauty secret has come to the United States.  All natural marula oil, the core ingredient in the
Swazi Secrets line, is poised to change the way American women moisturize.

Swazi Secrets is a line of fair trade moisturizing and cleansing products for the face and body.  Products in the Swazi Secrets line contain marula oil, renowned for centuries throughout Southern Africa for its moisturizing, antioxidant and protective properties for both skin and hair.  Marula oil is a super-effective moisturizing ingredient rich in vitamin E and oleic acid, essential components to maintain healthy skin.  Simple, pure, natural, the oil can be used as is on hair and skin.

The company is owned by a women’s co-op in rural Swaziland, and its products are handmade using simple, indigenous processes.  The marula nuts are wild-harvested using sustainable practices and then hand-cracked.  And because Swazi Secrets is owned by its producers, the company far exceeds all fair trade standards.

Swazi Secrets is an all-natural line, free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, and petroleum derivatives.  It is distributed in the US by Duerst Lahti Global, who specializes in distinctive, fairly traded personal care products , that are made in-country, with regionally sourced ingredients.



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