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We will donate a tree for each new Ecobold member!

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How it works:
At Ecobold we not only do the talk, we walk the walk! This is why we came up with the idea of planting One Million Trees to the first one million people who sign up for Ecobold! That’s right, real trees in the real world.
We believe that each one of us can make a difference and it's about time that we take matters into our own hands and do something significant for our planet, our only home!

  • The trees will be planted through a non-profit organization that’s been doing this for over 20 years. Once they receive our donation they will develop a detailed plan of action on the countries that the trees will be planted and will determine the best date for planting them.
  • You do need to be subscribed and your email must be valid in order for your tree to be planted.
  • Ecobold reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for this cause at any time and for any reasons.
  • We'll be sending you discounts on our highlighted products, so you've nothing to lose and everything to gain!

  • Your privacy is extremely important to us, we'll never sell, trade, or do anything with your email besides send you great deals. At Ecobold we believe that it's time for every product to be manufactured safely, sustainably and at the same price conventional products are made, please join us and be part of this movement! Together we CAN make a difference!